Design proposals

Beaker design proposals are used for major changes that require more upfront discussion and design than can be suitably handled in a single Bugzilla entry or Gerrit patch review.

Each design proposal must include a rationale for making the change, and should provide sufficient detail of the desired solution that it can be used to gain meaningful feedback from other developers or Beaker users.

Rather than approving designs as a whole, specific elements of the design are ultimately approved through the normal review processes in Bugzilla and Gerrit. It is expected that some of the details in design proposals may change as implementation reveals additional aspects that were not previously considered.

Design proposals under consideration

These are design proposals currently under consideration for incorporation into a future version of Beaker.


Not all changes require an associated design proposal. Some changes, (such as those for the Beaker build process and website, or Fedora compatibility fixes) are handled directly in Gerrit. Most other changes are tracked as Bugzilla entries. A design proposal is appropriate if a change touches several different parts of Beaker, or if it is a user visible piece of functionality where the overall design should be discussed with Beaker users before significant effort is expended on the implementation.

In progress design proposals

These are design proposals that are currently in progress, with at least some features available in a released version of Beaker (or a related project), or else under active development for an upcoming Beaker release.

Deferred design proposals

These are design proposals that have been deferred pending further research into alternative options, or else have had their priority reassessed based on other changes.

Rejected/withdrawn design proposals

These are design proposals that have been determined to be outside Beaker’s scope, or are otherwise considered a poor fit for the system.

  • There are currently no previously rejected/withdrawn design proposals