What’s New in Beaker 24?

Beaker 24 brings improved OpenStack integration, conditional reservations, and many other improvements.

Improved OpenStack integration

In this release the integration with OpenStack for dynamically creating VMs has been improved. It is aimed to allow people to use OpenStack in production Beaker instances.

Beaker no longer supports the Nova Networking API for creating virtual networks. It now relies on the Neutron API instead, in line with modern OpenStack deployment practices.

Previously Beaker needed to store the user’s OpenStack credentials directly which is insecure. In this release, Beaker now uses Keystone trusts for authentication which can be created in your user preferences (see User preferences) or by using the bkr update-openstack-trust command.

Beaker now supports dispatching multiple requests to OpenStack in parallel which eliminates chances of causing a scheduling bottleneck.

When an OpenStack instance is launched, it is assigned with a floating ip address and can be reached over SSH.

Refer to Integration with OpenStack for information about how to configure this feature in your Beaker instance.

Here is a list of issues resolved and enhancements made for OpenStack integration:

  • #1299413: support OpenStack Neutron networking
  • #1100519: don’t store the user’s OpenStack credentials in Beaker
  • #1396913: CLI to create Keystone trusts
  • #1127574: dispatch multiple requests to OpenStack in parallel
  • #1396851: assign a floating IP address to each instance
  • #1399445: port beaker-create-ipxe-image to the OpenStack Images API v2
  • #1360117: migrate the keystone API from v2.0 to v3
  • #1361936: no watchdog for recipe provisioned by OpenStack after reboot
  • #1389562: The beaker-create-ipxe-image now saves the image on disk when passing beaker-create-ipxe-image --no-upload
  • #1361961: Show the progress of creating an OpenStack instance with the kernal options in the recipe page
  • #1364288: Display the openstack instance link on the recipe page
  • #1397649: Beaker now always picks the OpenStackflavor with least RAM when running recipes on OpenStack
  • #1396874: Openstack instance link is removed when the job is not finished or deleted
  • #1413783: RHEL4 recipes are excluded from OpenStack because RHEL4 does not obey DHCP option 26 for controlling MTU

(Contributed by Matt Jia, Róman Joost, Hui Wang, and Dan Callaghan.)

New result type Skip

Beaker now supports a new result type, Skip. A task can report this result to Beaker in the same way that it reports Pass, Fail, or Warn using the standard rhts-report-result command or its wrappers. You can use this result type to indicate that a task is not applicable on a particular platform, for example.

Version 4.72 of the rhts test development and execution library and version 0.7.11 of the Beah test harness are released in order to support the new Skip result.

Conditional reservations

You can now conditionally reserve the system at the end of your recipe when using the <reservesys/> element. Refer to Reserving a system after testing for more information.

(Contributed by Dan Callaghan in #1100593.)

Job results XML enhancements

The job results XML format now includes the following additional timestamp attributes:

  • start_time and finish_time on the <recipe/> element
  • start_time and finish_time on the <task/> element
  • start_time on the <result/> element

Timestamps are in the form YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM:SS and expressed in UTC.

The job results XML format now includes the filename and URL for each log file which was uploaded by the job. Each log is represented by a <log/> element and is contained in a <logs/> element, which appears inside the <recipe/>, <task/>, and <result/> elements.

In case the job results XML with logs is too large, you can request the original format without logs by passing the --no-logs option to the bkr job-results command.

(Contributed by Dan Callaghan in #1037594 and #915319.)

User interface improvements

The web UI for task library has been revamped in order to improve performance, simplify interactions, and improve code maintainability. The improved task library grid also offers more powerful search functionality. (Contributed by Tyrone Abdy in #1346620, #1081271, and #887068.)

On the recipe page, the hostname link is replaced with a drop down menu. This will allow users to easily copy the hostname of the system, access to the system info, report system problem, and link to the web application running on the system. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan and Jon Orris in #1366191, #1362595, and #1323154.)

Each task in a recipe is now represented by an individual segment in the progress bar, color-coded to indicate its result and with a link to the task’s results. Previously the progress bar only showed an aggregate proportion for each result type in the recipe. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan in #1352760.)

Beaker client improvements

Three new beaker commands, bkr pool-systems, bkr group-list, and bkr pool-list are now available for listing the systems in a pool, groups owned by the given user and system pools owned by the given user or group. (Contributed by Hui Wang in #1374620, #1373409, and #1373400.)

Two new options --finished and --unfinished are available for bkr job-list to filter out running and completed jobs. (Contributed by Dong Wang in #1175853.)

The bkr client now always loads system-wide configuration from /etc/beaker/client.conf and per-user configuration from ~/.beaker_client/config. Settings in the per-user configuration file override the system-wide configuration. Previously, if the per-user configuration file existed, the system-wide configuration would not be loaded. (Contributed by qhsong and Dan Callaghan in #844364.)

If the bkr client is making a request to the server and it fails, the client will print an additional warning message if the server’s major version is less than the client’s. This is to help detect the case where the client is attempting to use a new API against an older server which does not support it. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan in #1029287.)

The bkr list-labcontrollers and bkr list-systems is renamed to bkr labcontrollers-list and bkr systems-list respectively which is consistent with other similar commands. The previous command names have been kept as deprecated aliases for backwards compatibility. (Contributed by Hui Wang in #1379971 and #1379967.)

The beaker-client package is published on PyPI and can be installed using pip. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan in #1278605.)

The bkr whoami command now checks SSL certificate validity and uses the CA certificate specified in client.conf. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan in:issue:1142566.)

Other new features and enhancements

The product-update server utility now accepts a new option --product-url for loading product data from the given URL. It now also supports loading JSON formatted data in addition to XML. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan in #1403084.)

Users can now opt out of Beaker email notifications in their user preferences. (Contributed by Blake McIvor in #1136748.)

A new kickstart metadata variable pkgoptions is defined to specify %packages options. If it is set, the default option --ignoremissing will be overridden. (Contributed by Jeffrey Bastian and Dan Callaghan in #1387256.)

Beaker now records and displays the start time and finish time for each power command as it is executed. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan in #1318524.)

Prototype systems now can be selected in the Reserve Workflow if you have the necessary permissions. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan in #1099142.)

The HTTP APIs for getting the activity logs now support id filtering. (Contributed by Matt Jia in #1401964.)

Notable changes

The External Reports feature has been removed. Administrators who want to link to external reports (or any other resources hosted outside Beaker) should use the theming support to inject extra HTML into Beaker’s web UI. Refer to Injecting custom markup for an example of injecting a site-specific link in the Help menu. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan in #1389627.)

Beaker now uses the createrepo_c tool by default when generating Yum repositories, since it is faster and more memory-efficient. It is still possible for Beaker administrators to switch back to the original createrepo implementation by setting beaker.createrepo_command in the server configuration file. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan in #1347156.)

The force="" attribute for the <hostRequires/> element will now bypass any excluded family restrictions for the named system. Previously, if you submitted a recipe requesting a distro which was excluded on the named system, the recipe would be aborted with a message that it “does not match any systems”. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan in #1384527.)

Bug fixes

A number of bug fixes are also included in this release:

  • #1263921: Beaker now disallows creating groups with a forward-slash (/) character in the name. (Contributed by Blake McIvor)
  • #1366175: The bkr system-details command now uses the CA certificate specified in client.conf. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1336329: The bkr job-clone command now properly reports an error message when not given any argument. (Contributed by Blake McIvor)
  • #1358557: The task icons now are updated to reflect whether the tasks are expanded when using the recipe task anchors. (Contributed by Matt Jia)
  • #1401749: The Take operation is no longer offered for broken systems. (Contributed by Róman Joost)
  • #1399867: When extending your reservation on the recipe page, you can now specify the duration in minutes or hours. Previously only seconds were accepted. (Contributed by Róman Joost)
  • #980711: The priority box is always shown on the job page regardless of the state. (Contributed by Blake McIvor)
  • #1358063: The power password is censored in the logs generated by beaker-provision without leaking it. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1391321: Fixed non-stable URLs of the job log files in JUnit XML results. (Contributed by Matt Jia)
  • #1391282: Fixed non-stable URLs in the output generated by the bkr job-logs. (Contributed by Matt Jia)
  • #1366100: XMLRPC retries in lab controller daemons are now logged again. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1362370: The recipe page installation progress now only shows “Netboot configured” when the command has been successfully completed and netboot configuration is in place. Previously the “Netboot configured” item would appear when the command was enqueued, even if it was not successfully completed. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #963492: The recipe.files XMLRPC method now ensures that duplicate log filenames are filtered out. Previously, if the database contained a duplicate log row left over from older bugs, the duplicates would cause the beaker-transfer to fail when moving the log files. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1366098: The beaker-provision daemon now finds and aborts any commands which were left in the Running state due to network problems or other error conditions. Previously the commands would be left Running forever. (Contributed by Jon Orris)
  • #1370399: The bkr system-delete command now shows a more meaningful message when deleting a nonexistent system. (Contributed by Hui Wang)
  • #1252373: The taskactions.files XMLRPC method is now documented. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1327051: The /run/beaker directory is now created when the beaker-server package is first installed. Previously the directory was not created until after rebooting, which would cause the Beaker daemons to fail to start up on a fresh installation. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1410089: The location attribute of guest recipe XML now matches the URL which Beaker used in generating the kickstart. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1174615: The bkr job-cancel command now shows a proper message when given an invalid task. (Contributed by Dong Wang)
  • #1224848: The database query used for pagination on the executed tasks page has been optimized in order to avoid producing a large temptable in MySQL that can cause errors when loading the page. (Contributed by Jon Orris)

Maintenance updates

The following fixes have been included in Beaker 24 maintenance updates.

Beaker 24.1

  • #1422410: Fixed a regression which caused task uploads to crash with TypeError if the task introduced new excluded releases in its metadata. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1412487: The beaker-import utility now ignores src when it appears as an architecture in compose metadata, for example in Fedora 25 .composeinfo, allowing the import to complete successfully instead of failing. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1422874: The Beaker web application’s last resort error handling for failed database rollbacks is more more resilient in out-of-memory conditions. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1412878: The recipe page now only links to HTTP on the running system if the recipe is actually running (or reserved). Previously the link would appear even before the recipe had started or after it was finished, when it didn’t make sense. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1425522: Beaker now sends queries for computing Graphite metrics to the “reporting” database connection, if configured. This allows administrators to offload the queries to a read-only database replica. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)

Beaker 24.2

  • #1415309: The JUnit XML results produced by Beaker is now more consistent with the format produced by JUnit itself. This fixes some issues which prevented the Jenkins JUnit reporter from importing the results. (Contributed by Bill Peck)
  • #1420106: The jobs grid now renders the whiteboard as Markdown instead of treating it as plain text, to match the behaviour of the job page. (Contributed by Bill Peck)
  • #1422385: The beaker-wizard utility is now compatible with python-bugzilla 2.0. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1404054: The beakerd daemon no longer attempts to run (pointless) data migrations on an empty, freshly created database. (Contributed by Matt Jia)
  • #1426745: Eliminated some redundant COUNT() queries in the scheduler. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1426764: Adjusted the ordering of scheduler steps to avoid giving too much bias to the update_dirty_jobs routine. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)

Version 4.0-93 of the /distribution/virt/install and version 1.0-7 of the /distribution/virt/image-install tasks have also been released:

  • #1425793: The wait4guesttasks utility now correctly waits for tasks only in the guest recipe. Previously it would incorrectly return early if the host recipe also contained a completed task with the same name. (Contributed by Jan Tluka)

Beaker 24.3

  • #1442147: A new, Python 3 compatible version of the anamon monitoring script is now used when the installation environment contains Python 3, for example on Fedora 26. (Contributed by Johnny Bieren)
  • #1442146: The kickstart template for Fedora now correctly passes the “mirrorlist” URL for the updates repo. Previously it passes the Metalink URL instead, which is not supported in Anaconda starting from Fedora 26. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1438666: Beaker now fills in the HOSTNAME parameter for the /distribution/inventory task when it schedules a hardware scan job for a system. This avoids problems in case the system is not assigned the correct fully-qualified domain name by DHCP. (Contributed by Jonathan Toppins)
  • #1335394: The bkr update-inventory --dry-run option now works correctly when a hardware scan job is already running. Previously it would refuse to produce a dry run of the job definition. (Contributed by Jonathan Toppins)
  • #1386074: Under some circumstances the JSON API for system details would return an incorrect value for the id key, which caused the web UI to report an error: “System access policy not specified”. This has been corrected. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1234323: The bkr workflow commands no longer reject other host filtering options when combined with the --machine option. This is necessary when using --systype=Prototype to select prototype systems. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)

Version 4.0-94 of the /distribution/virt/install and version 1.0-8 of the /distribution/virt/image-install tasks have also been released:

  • #1440647: The --nographics and --noautoconsole options are now passed to virt-install on aarch64. (Contributed by Artem Savkov)
  • #1441751: The logguestconsoles program now correctly handles the case where the guest console log file is truncated by qemu. (Contributed by Jakub Racek)
  • The /distribution/virt/install now compares the OS release numerically instead of lexicographically. Previously the task would consider Fedora releases to be too old to support KVM. (Contributed by Johnny Bieren)

Version 4.73 of the rhts test development and execution library has also been released:

  • #1417988: If a task tries to upload a non-existent log file using rhts-report-result or rhts-submit-log, the command will exit with an error instead of an unhandled exception, to avoid triggering abrt. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)

Beaker 24.4

  • #1420471: The boot menu for EFI GRUB now excludes distros which are known not to support EFI, namely Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, 4, and 5, and any distro for the i386 architecture. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1464120: The <hypervisor/> element in host filter XML now works correctly with systems which have no hypervisor. Previously this filter would incorrectly exclude systems when used with op="like" or <not/>. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1470959: Fixed a scheduling deadlock which could occur in certain circumstances when two multi-host recipe sets both require the same candidate systems. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1344889: Fixed an error when using the bkr client with Python 2.7.7+ through an HTTP proxy. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1457606: The beaker-watchdog daemon no longer crashes when reporting a panic for a job which has non-ASCII characters in the whiteboard. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1043772: Beaker now returns a more informative error message if you attempt to create an LDAP group but the server is not configured to use LDAP. (Contributed by Anwesha Chatterjee)
  • #1469345: Beaker’s JSON API now returns a more informative error message if you attempt to create a group with a name longer than 255 characters. (Contributed by Anwesha Chatterjee)
  • #1358619: The watchdog time remaining shown on the recipe page is now correctly updated when you extend the reservation. (Contributed by Anwesha Chatterjee)
  • #1412897: The post-install script for reporting the system hostname now works correctly on RHEL5 when the system has no valid FQDN. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1472070: The distros grid search for “Tag is not” now works correctly. Previously it would fail with 500 Internal Server Error. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1473067: The bkr workflow commands now print a more informative error message if you have not selected any tasks to run in your job, or if you have tried to select tasks for a package which does not exist. (Contributed by Anwesha Chatterjee)
  • #1473135: The checkboxes for tracking recipe reviewed state on the job page are now disabled when you have not logged in. Previously the checkboxes were not disabled but clicking them would do nothing. (Contributed by Anwesha Chatterjee)
  • #1360589: Recipes are now automatically marked as reviewed if they finish while the recipe page is open in the browser. Previously they would only be marked as reviewed if you refreshed the page. (Contributed by Anwesha Chatterjee)
  • #1340566: Fixed a server-side error message which would occur if the beaker-watchdog daemon detected a kernel panic for a Reserved recipe. (Contributed by Anwesha Chatterjee)

Version 4.0-95 of the /distribution/virt/install and version 1.0-9 of the /distribution/virt/image-install tasks have also been released:

  • #1465788: The task now restarts the libvirtd service to ensure its virtlogd feature is disabled. This is necessary with QEMU 2.9.0 and newer. (Contributed by Jan Stancek)

Beaker 24.5

  • #1500142: Fixed an issue causing some parts of the recipe page to be re-rendered once per second. In particular, the panel which showed system information was re-rendered once per second, making it impossible to select or copy the hostname. (Contributed by Anwesha Chatterjee)
  • #1497021: The bkr job-modify command now correctly modifies the priority of group jobs. Previously it would fail with 500 Internal Server Error when the user making the request was not the original job submitter. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1498804: The systems grid now correctly handles searches where the value parameter is missing from the query string, which would occur in certain edge cases. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1497881: Beaker no longer allows you to add deleted users to groups, give deleted users ownership of systems, or lend systems to deleted users. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1498374: Beaker now transfers ownership of system pools when a user account is deleted, in the same way it transfers ownership of systems. Additionally, it no longer allows you to give deleted users ownership of system pools. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1499646: Beaker now correctly evaluates <not/> host filters when considering whether a recipe can be run in OpenStack. Previously, use of <not/> would always preclude the recipe from running in OpenStack. (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)
  • #1501671: The rhts-power command for Beaker tasks now works correctly, regardless of the system access policy. Previously the command would fail with InsufficientSystemPermissions unless the system’s access policy granted control_power permission to all users (which was the default in Beaker prior to 0.15). (Contributed by Dan Callaghan)