beaker-create-ipxe-image: Generate and upload iPXE boot image to Glance


beaker-create-ipxe-image [options]


Generates a bootable image containing the iPXE network boot loader, and a configuration pointing at this Beaker instance.

Beaker uses this image as part of the support for provisioning dynamic VMs in OpenStack. The image needs to be created once when OpenStack integration is enabled. The credentials given here need to have the permission to create a public image in OpenStack.

This command requires read access to the Beaker server configuration. Run it as root or as another user with read access to the configuration file.


--os-username <username>, --os-password <password>, --os-tenant-name <name>

OpenStack credentials for uploading the generated image to Glance.


Do not upload the generated image to OpenStack. The image temp file is left on disk and its filename is printed. Use this if you need to examine or manipulate the image before uploading it to Glance manually.

Exit status

Non-zero on error, otherwise zero.


Once OpenStack integration is configured (see Integration with OpenStack), create a suitable iPXE image in Glance:

beaker-create-ipxe-image \
    --os-username beaker \
    --os-password beaker \
    --os-tenant-name Beaker