Log storage

Log files are generated text files that contain the results and output of things like recipe task results, recipe tasks, anaconda, serial console etc.

By default, log files will be stored on, served from, and potentially deleted from the relevant lab controller of each recipe.

Archive Server

You can configure the lab controller to work with an archive server. Beaker requires the archive server to be running a HTTP server and rsyncd. If you wish to be able to delete log files via beaker-log-delete, you must configure the HTTP server to handle WebDAV DELETE operations on the log directory’s base path (HTTP digest and kerberos authentication are supported by beaker-log-delete).

Once configured, the beaker-transfer daemon is used to rsync the log files from the lab controller to the archive server. This means that there is a window when the log files do still reside on the lab controller and are available for viewing and deleting as they would be on the archive server. Ensure that the HTTP server on the lab controller is configured to allow the same level of access to the log files as is afforded the archive server.

The Apache configuration included with Beaker for serving logs from the lab controller includes this section, to ensure that log files are not misinterpreted as binary files. Apply the same configuration to the archive server:

<Files "*.log">
    ForceType text/plain