beaker-log-delete: Delete expired jobs


beaker-log-delete [options]


Deletes expired jobs and permanently purges log files from Beaker and/or archive server.

This command reads the server configuration and connects to the database in the same way as the Beaker application itself does. Ensure you have configured the database in /etc/beaker/server.cfg before you run this command so that it can connect to the database in order to find expired jobs and remove them.

HTTP server must be able to handle WebDAV DELETE operations on the log directory’s base path (HTTP digest and Kerberos authentication are supported).

To enable HTTP digest, configure account in /etc/beaker/server.cfg:

beaker.log_delete_user = ""
beaker.log_delete_password = ""

This command requires read access to the Beaker server configuration. Run it as root.


-c <path>, --config <path>

Read server configuration from <path> instead of the default /etc/beaker/server.cfg.

-v, --verbose

Print the path/URL of deleted files to stdout


Show detailed progress information and debugging messages.


Expired jobs are not removed.


Limit number of expired jobs whose logs will be deleted.

Exit status

For normal operations the exit status is zero on success, or non-zero on error.


Delete first 50 expired jobs:

beaker-log-delete --limit 50

Delete expired jobs and display debug messages:

beaker-log-delete --debug

Expired jobs are only listed and not deleted:

beaker-log-delete --dry-run --verbose