beaker-repo-update: Update cached harness packages


beaker-repo-update [options]


Updates the Beaker server’s local cache of harness packages.

The harness and its dependencies are installed on a test system when Beaker is running a scheduled job on it.

The harness packages are generally built separately for every distro family supported by Beaker (Fedora 20, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, etc). The beaker-repo-update command fetches harness packages for every distro family which exists in Beaker. Therefore, the first time you import a new distro family into Beaker, you should run beaker-repo-update in order to cache the harness packages for the new distro family.

This command requires read access to the Beaker server configuration, and write access to the harness package cache. Run it as root.


-b <url>, --baseurl <url>

Fetch harness packages from subdirectories under <url>. By default, packages are fetched from the Beaker web site.

-d <path>, --basepath <path>

Cache harness packages in subdirectories under <path>. By default, packages are cached in /var/www/beaker/harness. This location is served by Apache, and used by Beaker to install the harness on test systems.


Show detailed progress information and debugging messages.

-c <path>, --config-file <path>

Read server configuration from <path> instead of the default /etc/beaker/server.cfg.

Exit status

Non-zero on error, otherwise zero.

If fetching packages fails for a particular distro family, a warning is printed to stderr and the repo is skipped. This is not considered an error.


Update the cached harness packages after new versions have been released:


Fetch release candidate packages from the harness-testing repositories on the Beaker web site:

beaker-repo-update -b