How do I…?

This section provides pointers for resolving common administrative problems and tasks in Beaker.

… set install options for an entire OS major version?

Sometimes you may want to apply install options to all distro trees for a given OS major version, without explicitly setting the options every time you import a distro tree. For example, as of Fedora 18 Anaconda added a new boot option serial which makes it copy install-time console settings to the installed system. If your Beaker site is using serial consoles you may want to add serial to the kernel options for every Fedora 18 installation. You can do that by editing the install options for that OS major version from the “OS Versions” page. See OS versions.

… update the inventory details for a system?

The inventory details for a system are gathered automatically using the /distribution/inventory task. The easiest way to run this task is to use the machine-test workflow to generate and submit an appropriate job definition:

bkr machine-test --inventory --family=RedHatEnterpriseLinux6 \
     --arch=x86_64 --machine=<FQDN>

Refer to bkr machine-test: Generate Beaker job to test a system for more details.

… store my log files somewhere other than the lab controller?

Beaker has the option of moving it’s log files from the default location of the lab controller, to a remote archive server, via rsync.

If your primary aim in using the archive server is to free up space on the lab controller, mounting a file system backed by bulk storage may be a better solution. However if this is not a preferred option, and if the size of Beaker’s job logs files exceeds the storage available to your lab controllers, or if you need to centralize log storage for administrative reasons, an archive server may be a suitable approach.