What can I work on?

For meatier projects, Beaker’s technical roadmap is the best place to look. It has a curated list of things we want to achieve with Beaker, ordered from more immediate goals to longer term ambitions or ideas. The Beaker community is also never short on ideas for improving Beaker, and there is a long list of miscellaneous RFEs in Bugzilla.

You can also browse the list of open bugs in Bugzilla. Some of these bugs are caused by assumptions deeply ingrained in Beaker, or flaws inherent in Beaker’s architecture, making them difficult to fix. But some of them are straightforward and should be simple to fix. You can find the simpler bugs by looking for the EasyFix keyword or an Original Estimate less than 5.

If you feel like writing documentation, Beaker can always use help in that regard. There are still plenty of areas in Beaker which are under-documented. You can find some specific ideas by looking for documentation bugs in Bugzilla.