GPG keys

RPM signing key

Packages in the Beaker server yum repos are signed with this GPG key:

Fingerprint: 53E3 1407 B3E3 26EC E6A2 EF4B 794B CCFF 60A0 3D62

Committer signing keys

Git tags for Beaker releases are signed with one of the following Beaker committers’ GPG keys.

Dan Callaghan <>
Fingerprint: 54A6 BE05 06EA A66D CCF8 A2FB 7AA9 FECF 9C66 6408

Róman Joost <>
Fingerprint: 6B99 7C46 892B 7A58 BD62 A131 2689 E9AC 7A3A D3DE

Matt Jia <>
Fingerprint: 3CF3 7394 8427 A267 592A 805E ECF0 BCC4 90DF 084C

Anwesha Chatterjee <>
Fingerprint: 36A4 ACA4 140C B624 4877 B29D A48E 2501 7BCF 458E

Christopher Beer <>
Fingerprint: 74CB 50C9 C48D A393 291D 3624 40C6 F049 055B 8425

Martin Styk <>
Fingerprint: 713F EAF6 27C8 5BFE 070F 06EC 8839 4E84 D11A 98FE