What’s New in Beaker 29?

After a long pause, Beaker 29 is here, focusing on maintenance and ensuring the continuity and stability of the Beaker Project. This release doesn’t introduce any groundbreaking features but ensures that Beaker remains reliable and secure for its users.

Custom Bootloaders in Custom Distributions

We are expanding capabilities for custom distribution support. Now, you can specify the location of the installer’s netboot image. It can be either relative to a given distribution tree or absolute path. Beaker fetches the netboot image and prepares it in the TFTP directory. The netboot image is available at the standard location bootloader/fqdn/image.

(Contributed by Bill Peck - GH#165)

Bug fixes

A number of bug fixes are also included in this release:

  • GH#200: beaker-import is working again with latest Python 2.7 security fixes.
    (Contributed by Martin Styk)
  • GH#194: Beaker Client no longer depends on deprecated cgi library.
    (Contributed by Matej Dujava)
  • GH#188: Beaker Client no longer depends on deprecated ssl.wrap_socket function.
    (Contributed by Michael Hofmann)
  • GH#168: Beaker Server now requires nodejs-less with version lower than 2.0 to avoid issues with building assets.
    (Contributed by Martin Styk)
  • GH#177: Fixed issue where JUnit result wasn’t properly decoded in Beaker client.
    (Contributed by Bill Peck)

Beaker 29.1

  • GH#210: Refactored error message handling when dealing with Kerberos realm settings.
    (Contributed by Martin Styk)
  • GH#211: Fixed invalid escape sequences in Python 3.12 across various client code.
    (Contributed by Michael Hofmann)