Task searching

To search for a task, select Scheduler ‣ Task Library from the menu. The default search is on the “Name” property, with the “contains” operator. See System searching for further details.

Once you’ve found a particular task, you can see its details by clicking on the link in the Name column.

On the task page you can use the Executed Tasks search to search history of past executions of the task.

Uploading a task

If you already have a task packaged as an RPM, select Scheduler ‣ New Task from the menu. Click the Browse button to locate the task RPM on your local system, and then click the Submit Data button to upload it. See bkr task-add for how to do this via the beaker client.

If you are updating an existing task, the version of the new task RPM must be higher than the existing version. This can be achieved by running make tag (if the task is stored in version control), or manually adjusting the TESTVERSION variable in the task’s Makefile (see Makefile variables).