Task Makefile targets

The following Makefile targets are defined by the rhts-make.include which is included by every task’s Makefile. You can use these targets when updating your task.

The Makefile assumes your task is tracked by Git, Subversion, or CVS. Other version control systems are not supported. If you are developing a new task which is not hosted in any remote version control system, run git init to create a new local git repository to track your work.

make tag
Tags the next release of the task. Run this after committing your changes, so that your updated task has a higher RPM Version-Release for uploading to Beaker.
make rpm
Builds an RPM for this task. You can submit the RPM to Beaker, and it will be downloaded by the harness when a recipe includes this task.
make bkradd
Builds an RPM and submits it to Beaker using bkr task-add.