System pools

Systems can be grouped together into system pools. Any Beaker user can create a system pool. The pool owner can either be a user (“owning user”, set by default to the creating user) or modified to be owned by a user group (“owning group”). A system can belong to multiple pools.

Viewing pools

To view a list of all pools, select Systems ‣ Pools from the menu. To only list pools owned by you, select Hello ‣ My System Pools.

Creating a new pool

To create a new pool, select Systems ‣ Pools from the menu and then click the +Create link at the bottom left. You’ll then be prompted to enter a “Pool Name” and upon clicking Create, you will be taken to the pool’s page.

Editing a pool

Only a pool owner (“owning user” or “owning group”) can edit a system pool.

To edit a pool, select Hello ‣ My System Pools and click on the name of the pool you wish to edit. From the pool’s page, you can add or edit the pool description, change the owner, add and remove systems and update the pool access policy.

You can also delete a pool from the pool’s page.

Pool activity

To search through the historical activity of all pools, select Activity ‣ System Pools from the menu.