Users can be grouped together in groups. Any Beaker user can create a group and add users to it, while Beaker administrators can also define groups that are populated automatically from an LDAP directory.

Viewing groups

To view a list of all groups of which you are a member, select Hello ‣ My Groups from the menu.

Adding a group

To add a new group, select Hello ‣ My Groups from the menu and then click the Add ( + ) link at the bottom left. You’ll then be prompted to enter a “Display Name” and a “Group Name”. The former is the name that users of Beaker will see, and the latter is the name used internally. It’s fine to have these names the same, or different.

Editing a group

To edit a group, select Hello ‣ My Groups and click on the name of the group you wish to edit. From here you can add users as well as changing the group’s display name and group name.

Group activity

To search through the historical activity of all groups, select Activity ‣ Groups from the menu.