Running tests on an Atomic hostΒΆ

New in version 0.18.3.

Beaker supports running tests on host operating systems based on the Project Atomic pattern. The tests are run in a Docker container instead of the host when such an OS is used. If you are not familiar with this Beaker feature, see Running tests in a Container to learn more. Familiarity with this feature is assumed for the rest of this guide.

An example recipe which uses an atomic host OS is as follows:

<recipe kernel_options="" kernel_options_post="" ks_meta="no_default_harness_repo ostree_repo_url=http://link/to/ostree/repo/ ostree_ref=my-atomic-host/20/x86_64/standard" role="RECIPE_MEMBERS" whiteboard="">
  <autopick random="false"/>
  <watchdog panic="ignore"/>
    <repo name="restraint" url=""/>
      <distro_family op="=" value="MyAtomicHost7"/>
      <distro_variant op="=" value=""/>
      <distro_name op="=" value="My Atomic Host-7"/>
      <distro_arch op="=" value="x86_64"/>
      <memory op="&gt;" value="1500"/>
    <system_type value="Machine"/>
  <task name="/test-tasks/uname" role="STANDALONE"/>

The above recipe specifies that the test harness should be run in a CentOS 7 container. Two additional ksmeta variables have to be specified:

  • ostree_repo_url: This variable is used to specify the rpm-ostree repository
  • ostree_ref: This variable is used to specify the rpm-ostree remote ref


You may also note that the above recipe specifies <memory op="&gt;" value="1500"/> in the <hostRequires>. This is to specify that we want the host system to have at least 1500 MB memory. You may or may not need this to successfully execute a recipe.