Customizing power commands

When executing a power command (for example, rebooting a system) the Beaker lab controller looks for an executable script named after the system’s power type (for example, ipmitool). The following directories are searched on the lab controller, in order:

  • /etc/beaker/power-scripts

    Custom power scripts may be placed here.

  • /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/bkr/labcontroller/power-scripts

    These templates are packaged with Beaker and should not be modified.

When a script is found it is executed with the following environment variables set according to the system’s power settings in Beaker:

  • power_address
  • power_id
  • power_user
  • power_pass

Additionally, the power_mode environment variable will be set to either on or off, depending on the power action.