beaker-sync-tasks: Tool to sync local Beaker task RPMs from a remote Beaker installation


beaker-sync-tasks [options]


beaker-sync-tasks is a script to sync local task RPMs from a remote Beaker installation.

Syncing protocol:

  • Task doesn’t exist in local: copy it.
  • Task exists in local: Overwrite it, if it is a different version on the remote
  • Tasks which exist on the local and not on the remote are left untouched


-h, --help

Show this help message and exit

--remote <remote_server>

Remote Beaker Instance


Do not ask before overwriting task RPMs


Display messages useful for debugging (verbose)

Exit status

Non-zero on error, otherwise zero.


Sync tasks from a remote Beaker server and display debug messages:

beaker-sync-tasks –remote= –debug

Don’t prompt before beginning task upload:

beaker-sync-tasks –remote= –force

More information

Querying the existing tasks: The script communicates with the remote Beaker server via XML-RPC calls and directly interacts with the local Beaker database.

Adding new tasks: The tasks to be added to the local Beaker database are first downloaded in the task directory (usually, /var/www/beaker/rpms). Each of these tasks are then added to the Beaker database and finally createrepo is run.