beaker-import: Import distros


beaker-import [options] <distro_url> …


Imports a distro from the given distro_url. A valid distro_url is nfs://, http:// or ftp://. Multiple distro_url can be specified with the primary distro_url being either http:// or ftp://.

In order for an import to succeed, a .treeinfo or a .composeinfo must be present at the supplied distro_url. Alternatively, you can also do what is called a “naked” import by specifying --family, --version, --name, --arch, --kernel, --initrd. Only one tree can be imported at a time when doing a naked import.


-j, --json

Prints the tree to be imported, in JSON format

-c <cmd>, --add-distro-cmd <cmd>

Command to run to add a new distro. By default this is /var/lib/beaker/

-n <name>, --name <name>

Alternate name to use, otherwise we read it from .treeinfo

-t <tag>, --tag <tag>

Additional tags to add to the distro.

-r, --run

Run automated Jobs

-v, --debug

Show debug messages


Do not actually add any distros to beaker

-q, --quiet

Less messages

--family <family>

Specify family

--variant <variant>

Specify variant. Multiple values are valid when importing a compose>=RHEL7.

--version <version>

Specify version

--kopts <kernel options>

Add kernel options to use for install

--kopts-post <post install kernel options>

Add kernel options to use post install

--ks-meta <ksmeta variables>

Add variables to use in kickstart templates

--buildtime <buildtime>

Specify build time

--arch <arch>

Specify arch. Multiple values are valid when importing a compose


If a specific tree within a compose is missing, do not print any errors

Naked tree options

These options only apply when importing without a .treeinfo or .composeinfo.

--kernel <kernel>

Specify path to kernel (relative to distro_url)

--initrd <initrd>

Specify path to initrd (relative to distro_url)

--lab-controller <lab_controller>

Specify which lab controller to import to. Defaults to http://localhost:8000.

Exit status

Non-zero on error, otherwise zero.

If --ignore-missing-tree-compose is not specified, a non-zero exit status will be returned if any of the trees cannot be imported.


When .composeinfo and .treeinfo are available:

$ beaker-import \ \  \

Naked import:

$ beaker-import \ \
    --family FedoraNew \
    --name FedoraNew-atomic \
    --arch x86_64 \
    --version 1 \
    --initrd=images/pxeboot/initrd.img \
    --kernel=images/pxeboot/vmlinuz \

The above command will import the distro tree at the given URL with the supplied meta-data. The locations of the “initrd” and the “kernel” are relative to this URL.